KAIKORAI: Ruby Sintmaartensdyk and Cooper Burden


Hi my name is Ruby Sintmaartensdyk and I am thrilled to be one of the Kaikorai house captains for 2024. I am a very passionate leader and am very good with young children. I love to sing, dance and play lots of sports like touch, netball, volleyball, jump jam, basketball, sports academy and also appear in kapa haka, forte, stars on stage and I am going to try out for the main parts in the production this year. Being a house captain is a great responsibility and I am prepared to take on all the roles that house captains have to do during the year and I am hoping that it gives me a massive confidence booster to help prepare me for secondary school. I am a very competitive and determined person especially when it comes to playing backyard soccer with my younger brother who is in yr 6.


I am so excited to be the leader of a group of amazing people and I hope we can work as a team this year to win the house cup.





Hi my name is Cooper Burden and I am thrilled to be the Kaikorai house captain for 2024 I love sports singing and am very active on the weekends I would usually be in the water but if not I'm outside I would be inside doing arts and crafts.I have two younger brothers in Year 7 and 5 so I have had a bit of experience with younger people. I think being a house captain will help me take on extra responsibility and get me more ready for going into high school next year. I am pumped to organise house lunches and house games this year. It will be a blast. I hope students look back and say what a blast 2024 was. I think Kakorai is so respectful so let's have a great year.




MARTIN: Ruby Payne and Austin Breese


Hi my name is Ruby Payne, I am so excited to become the Martin house captain. I’ll first tell you a bit about myself! I like to do sports and keep myself busy with activities. I've tried out many things and love to take on anything! I'm also hoping to become a kapa haka leader this year because I'm very passionate about it and have been doing it for a long time. I am approachable and great with kids. I love to support them and encourage them to be the best they can be. I am very determined, and competitive, but also a kind person. I am thrilled to be a member of such an amazing and respectful group of people. Gooo Martin!


Kia ora my name is Austin Breese, and I am excited to be your 2024 house captain. I love sports such as football, athletics, swimming and running. I have 1 sibling and 3 step-siblings. They are all at Fairfield School except for the oldest who is at Queens. This year I am so excited for house lunches and house sports days. 2024 is going to be awesome in the martin house and I can’t wait to spend it with everyone. Give everything a go and have fun while doing it. Gooooo Martin!

PIKIWARA: Elijah Webber and Caitlin MacDonell


Hi my name is Elijah Webber and I am the 2024 house captain for Pikiwara. I am looking forward to this year. I love sports they include rugby, cricket and many others. I am the oldest child and have a younger sister in year 2.I am looking forward to seeing you guys around the school. I also like learning new things. These things include math and sports.I'm also willing to give up my time to help you guys achieve your goals.I'm so happy to have you guys for the rest of the year. Go piki

Kia ora, my name is Caitlin MacDonell and I'm so excited to be a house captain for 2024. I am looking forward to taking on the role of your leader this year. I will make sure I will show the 3 R’s in and out of school and I hope to get everyone involved and having fun in all our house activities. Some fun facts about me are I enjoy netball, gymnastics, basketball and swimming and I have three sisters, Annalise (18), Michaela (16) and Sophia (14). At school, I love PE, art and, of course, the house days! I feel that this role will be great and I will get a lot of confidence. Looking forward to a great year.

   Go Piki!!!!!!


WALTON: Ava Goodman and George Solomon


Kia ora !!  My name is Ava Goodman. I'm super thrilled to be voted one of the Walton house captains for 2024. I am looking forward to helping lead this house during sports days, house chants and more !!!  Hobbies I enjoy are athletics, netball and dance. Other activities I do at Fairfield are jump jam, stars on stage and Kapa Haka which I'm hoping to be one of the leaders this year. I am approachable and am great with younger kids, as I have two younger siblings, Keira who is in Year 4 and Flynn who is 3. I am so excited for this year and for leading this great bunch of kids and being a great role model towards them by showing the three R’s. I feel being in this role will be a huge confidence booster to prepare me for secondary school. I’m so proud to be a house captain for 2024!


  Hi my name is George Solomon and I am very excited to be the Walton house captain for 2024. I like playing sports such as Athletics, Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Futsal, Surf and many more. I am also very active and love being outdoors and experiencing different stuff. I have a younger sister in year 6 so I know how to look after little kids really well. I am really excited to be a house captain this year because I will show the 3rs and another reason I am excited to be a house captain is because it will give me a really big confidence boost if I am talking in front of the school. It will be really fun coming together and having a house lunch and some house games. I think 2024 will be a blast of a year.



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