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Please download our General Information Booklet for 2019.

General Information

School Charter

A charter sets the direction for the school and identifies the priorities the board expects the principal to be leading.

The Education Act requires every school's board of trustees to:

  • prepare and maintain a charter
  • send a reviewed and updated charter to the Ministry of Education every year.

The Fairfield School charter is the key-planning document for our school. It includes strategic aims and annual plans which:

  • reflect the goals and aspirations the Fairfield community has for the school and students for the next 3–5 years
  • outline how your school is implementing the government's priorities as set out in the National Education Guidelines and the National Administration Guidelines
  • identify the key areas your board will focus on, both in the longer term and the coming year, to improve the progress and achievement of all of your students.

School charter 2019

Ongoing monitoring of 2019 strategic goals

Strategic Plan 2019-2021:

School Charter diagram 


Please click on enrolment below for an enrolment form or give us a call and we will send you the form by post. We look forward to hearing from you.

Enrolment Form

Fairfield School Home Zone and Enrolment Policy

The Home Zone incorporates properties on both sides of Scroggs Hill Road, commencing at the junction of Scroggs Hill Road and Creamery Road. It moves to the east along Scroggs Hill Road and Saddle Hill Road to Coal Stage, encompassing properties on both sides of the road and down Coal Stage Road to the overbridge, across the motorway and State Highway One connecting with Chain Hills Road. It encompasses the properties on both sides of Chain Hills Road and on passing the intersection of Flower Street it stops at the end of the gravel formed road.

The Home Zone retraces its route and descends down Flower Street until it reaches Main South Road and encompasses the properties on both sides of Main South Road (and Flower Street), until it reaches Abbots Creek. It then moves along the Creek Bed, under the motorway, taking in the properties on the western side only until it reaches Jeffcoates Road. From there, where there is an overbridge which is excluded from the zone, it follows Jeffcoates road up to the intersection with Old Brighton Road, moves to the west again along Old Brighton Road until it reaches Finnie Road. It then follows Creamery Road along a near straight line up Scroggs Hill Road. The enrolment of out of zone students is governed by the provisions of Education Act 1989.

Within the Home Zone, enrolment is optional to Fairfield School and entry to the school is guaranteed. To applicants outside the zone of enrolment scheme sets an order of priority if space is limited.

Priority is given as follows:

  1. Applicants who have siblings at the school.
  2. Applicants who have siblings of former children.
  3. Applicants who are children of board employees.
  4. All other applicants.

If there are more applicants in the priority groups than there are places available, selection within the priority group will be by a ballot conducted in accordance with instructions issued by the Secretary under Section 11G(1) of the Education Act 1989. Parents will be informed of the date of ballot by notice in a community newspaper.

I.T Information

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Parent BYOD Form

Student BYOD Form

Responsible Computer Use Agreement

Consent Forms

School Trips


Before & After School Care

Waraki Early Birds is the before school care programme run by the school in Wharenui (old playcentre on Main Road)

Available Monday to Friday from 7.20am this is a warm and friendly place to start the day for your child, allowing those who have early starts the chance to get to work.

7.20-8.20am $4.00 per child

7.50-8.20am $2.00 per child 

Registrations for Waraki Early Birds can be made via this link: Fairfield School Before School Care 


Magic Kids Club provide after school care, also in Wharenui. 

Please contact Magic Kids to access information about after school care programmes available. 



School Lunches

Please go to School Lunches to access menu options and process orders.


Here are our School Policies regarding the safety and wellbeing of your children:

Child Protection Policy

Bullying Procedure

Police Vetting Policy

Healthy Food Policy

Concerns and Complaints

ERO Reports

Please read the latest ERO report here


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