Abigail Franklin and Nate Wilson

Hi, my name is Nate and I’m one of the Kaikorai house captions. I like being a house caption because I enjoy being a leader and having the responsibility of a house caption. Throughout the next term, I am looking forward to the year 8 camp and other existing things to happen this year. I can’t what for this half of the year to start.   



Zippy Davidson and Matthew Larsen 

Hi my name is Matthew Larsen, I am happy to be one of the Martin House Captains. I like to help little kids around the school. I am a responsible student and feel like I am a great leader. It is great fun being a house captain at our school. I love playing football and other sports.

The reason why I (Zippy) became a house captain is to help teach the younger student. Being a house captain means being a role model for the school and helping younger students to accomplish their goals.



Michaela MacDonell and Harry Bezett

Hi, I am Michaela and I am super excited to be one of the Pikiwara House Captains for 2020. This is my last year at fairfield school and I have always wanted to be a house captain so I am so happy to have this opportunity. One of my goals is to be more confident with my speaking and I also want to push myself to go out of my comfort zone so I can be ready for high school, whatever it gives me. I enjoy being a leader and seeing people look up to me is really cool. I am so honored to be one of the Pikiwara House Captains for 2020. 



Evelyn Young and Braeddan Jones

Hi my name is Braeddan and I am one of the Walton house captains for 2020. I think the best part about being a house captain is being around all the younger people and being able to show them what to do throughout the year. My goals for the rest of 2020 is to work on being more confident and describing my ideas to people

Hi, I’m Evelyn and I am one of the 2020 Walton house captains. What I love as a house captain is helping others, it gives me joy when I see a smile on their face. Communicating and teamwork is a goal I want to achieve this year as a house captain. Then I can help others to learn the same skill as well. Not only is it important for the students to listen to the captains, but for the captains to listen to the students. I’m looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring!


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