Fairfield School - Fairfield boys and girls sitting on jungle gym

Fairfield School


Fairfield School - senior Fairfield girl teaching two young students to skip


Fairfield School - two friends of different nationalities


Fairfield School - three friends having a blast in the school grounds


Fairfield School

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Term 1, 2021 starts Wednesday 3rd Feb - 16th April

Term 2, Monday 3rd May to Friday 9th July

Term 3, Monday 26th July to Friday 1st October

Term 4, Monday 18th October to Thursday 16th December


Term 2

Week 1 - 3rd - 7th May
  • Monday, 1st day of term 2
  • Tuesday, Room 17G and 17H to the Art Gallery
  • Tuesday, FOFS meeting, 6.45pm, staffroom
  • Tuesday, Fair Committee meeting, 7.30pm, staffroom
  • Wednesday, Room 21G and 21K to the Art Gallery
  • Thursday, Room 8 to the Art Gallery
Week 2 - 10th - 14th May
  • Monday, Student teachers on placement
  • Wednesday, Assembly at 2:15pm lead by Year 5/6
  • Friday, Art Gallery - Room 11
Week 3 - 17th - 21st May
  • Monday, Board of Trustees meeting
  • Tuesday, Starting school - Parent Evening - 7pm 
  • Wednesday, Whole school Performance - VAS - Be bright EAT RIGHT
  • Friday, Pink Shirt day, Art Gallery Room 12
Week 4 - 24th - 28th May
  • Monday, 3rd Year Students start 4 week placement
  • Wednesday, Assembly lead by Room 8, 17H and 17G
Week 5 - 31st - 4th June
  • Thursday, ODT Extra spelling Quiz
  • Friday, Life Ed bus arrives at school
Week 6 - 7th - 11th June
  • Monday, Queen's Birthday 
  • Wednesday, Assembly @ 2:15pm lead by Room 21K/21G
Week 7 - 14th - 18th June
  • Monday, Life Ed bus here for final week
Week 8 - 21st - 25th June
  • Monday, Board of Trustees meeting
  • Friday, Cultural Assembly - starting @ 1:40pm
Week 9 - 28th - 2nd July
  • Monday, Teacher only day
  • Friday, Mufti day - Tombolo for the fair
Week 10 - 5th - 9th July
  • Monday, Matariki week
  • Tuesday, Parent/Teacher interview
  • Wednesday, Parent/Teacher interview
  • Friday, Matariki Hui from 11:35am

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